Rechtlicher Hinweis

1. Identification and activity of the partnership

eVitamine Ltd. is a Maltese company based in 1, Floor 2, Falzun Street, c/w Naxxar Road, Birkirkara BKR1441, Malta, whose main activity is supplying Internet consulting and online marketing services as well as support and technological maintenance given to professionals and companies, by itself; also, in collaboration with the Internet leading company, GOOGLE, in its role as “Google AdWords Premium Partner” to offer visibility and positioning on Internet, with presence in search engines as well as in social networks.

2. Protection of Personal Data Policy

According to the Organic Law 15/99, of December 13th, regarding Protection of Personal Data, eVitamine Ltd. informs the interested party that all personal data given voluntarily at any moment to eVitamine Ltd. shall be included in the personal data files property of eVitamine Ltd. (official address at 1, Floor 2, Falzun Street, c/w Naxxar Road, Birkirkara BKR1441, Malta) with the sole purpose of updating our database as well as using them with commercial, information and/or advertising purposes of our products and services. If within 30 natural days we do not receive communication indicating the contrary, we understand you have given your consent for the treatment of said data. In this regard, the interested party assumes and gives his/her consent that a third party (including eVitamine Ltd. acting on its own or through a third party) can obtain personal data once they have been published at the eVitamine Ltd’s advertising support, all this according to article 30.1 of the aforementioned Law.
Furthermore, eVitamine Ltd. informs the interested party that the personal data included in this site has been given to eVitamine Ltd. by the Telecommunications Market Commission under the Resolutions 2002/6814, of November 7th, and 2004/214, of April 15th. This personal data has been collected from the different phone operators with whom the person has a relationship as client of the telecommunications services, where their data originated, being, in turn, incorporated into a data file property of eVitamine Ltd. with the purpose of providing directory and telephone hotline services.
The interested parties can enforce their right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose to the treatment of their data, request they be excluded from the hotline service and not be used with direct-sales purposes as well as having their address or other personal data completely or partially omitted. This request should be in written form, addressed to eVitamine Ltd. Customer Service at the abovementioned official address, attaching a photocopy of their DNI or any other document supporting their identity. The customer is obliged to keep personal data, which is part of the Web Solution, always updated.
eVitamine Ltd. will provide, if the case arises, personal data to collaborators, such as distributors and agents, whose involvement is necessary to provide service.

3. Industrial and Intellectual Property

All information, or the way information is collected, be it, including but not limited to, the collection itself of information, graphic design, images, source codes, brands, establishment labels, commercial names, company names, other distinctive features, third-party links, etc., are subjected to industrial or intellectual property rights of eVitamine Ltd. or of a third party.
Under no circumstance does the access to eVitamine Ltd. services imply the resignation, transmission, assignment or whole or partial license of said rights, nor does it give any right to use, translate, adapt, alter, exploit, reproduce, distribute or publicly communicate the contents without previous and express authorization by Trazada Marketing, S. L. or of the third-party owner of the affected rights. It is forbidden (and will be chased) to reproduce the data, in whole or in part, or if they are used contrary to the current legislation regarding industrial or intellectual property. The user’s rights to see and get a copy on his computer’s cache memory, such as transient and incidental reproductions, are safe and in no case is he authorized to communicate the same to third parties.

4. Links

Every user or third party can include on his web page any kind of link or hyperlink which connects or leads to the eVitamine web page, having to previously notify eVitamine Ltd., as long as said user or third party refrains from manifesting, including contents or offering services at their page, be it with legal or illegal purposes, which could assume damage to the eVitamine Ltd. image, their sponsors or third parties and, specially, those related to erotic and pornographic contents, gambling, medicines, etc. Regardless, eVitamine Ltd. reserves the unconditional right to forbid, limit, eliminate or demand the deletion of the links established on the eVitamine web page when deemed suitable, by simply notifying the owner of the site connecting to eVitamine’s site, and in no case is the company forced to pay any compensation whatsoever.

5. Modifications

eVitamine Ltd. can modify, at any time, the terms on the current general conditions, publishing at its Web page the updated version without having to notify users in any other way.

6. Notices

Any written notice can be addressed to eVitamine Ltd. at the company’s address established on the heading of these conditions or terms of service; also, by sending an e-mail through the “contact” section at the website.

7. Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

eVitamine Ltd. and the user, by specifically renouncing any other rights or legislation that may be applicable to them, subject themselves to the legislation of the Spanish Common Law and to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid (Spain), unless the applicable law determines any other right or legislation.

8. User’s consent

The user declares he has read the current general conditions or terms of service, accepting and consenting, completely and explicitly, to everything stated in each one of them.

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c/w Naxxar Road,
Birkirkara BKR1441, Malta
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